Dr. Richard Powers, DC

For more than forty years, Dr. Richard Powers has been serving his clients as their holistic primary care physician and chiropractor. Known as the “peoples’ health advocate,” he has extensive expertise in whole-person health, healing, and wellness. Dr. Powers is passionate about self-advocacy and is on a mission to empower every person to make better, more informed decisions that truly bolster vitality and significantly improve their disease trajectory. He believes that establishing balance and cultivating joy in a person’s day-to-day living is fundamental to their quality of life and that developing lifestyle habits consistent with their body’s natural design inevitably results in their feeling, looking, and functioning at their very best.

He established the Holistic Healing Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984, co-founded the Holistic Medical Center in Stuart, Florida in 2004, and in 2020, he established Intelligent HealthQuarters™ in Stuart, Florida, where he currently practices today.

An integrative physician, researcher, and instructor, he draws from the latest advances in medicine—holistic, functional, and conventional— to deliver wholesome and scientifically-sound guidance, thereby empowering people to make better, more informed decisions to regain, maintain, and protect their health.

Having completed his pre-medical education at Tulane University with a major in physics, Dr. Powers earned his doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 1980 at age 23, graduating summa cum laude and salutatorian of his class. He went on to pursue extensive training, both in the US and in Germany, amassing well over 2,000 hours of post-graduate study in integrative medicine and whole-person health.

During the course of his professional career, Dr. Powers also had the good fortune ofcollaborating with some of the brightest minds in the healthcare industry. He is well versed in the fields of biological therapies, functional medicine, naturopathy, personalized nutrition, exercise physiology, detoxification, homeopathy, and electromagnetic therapies, including low-level laser therapy and pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy.

Today, Dr. Powers continues to infuse his extensive knowledge of whole-person health into his treatment, guidance, and care of clients. His broad base of knowledge, training, and experience enables him to provide a unique service to clients that combines education, guidance, support, and proven natural medicine and treatment. He attentively listens to his clients’ concerns – and, with the aid of a comprehensive evaluation, laboratory testing, and assessment process – identifies the underlying causes of their health challenges. Dr. Powers then designs individualized healthcare plans to support the restoration of his clients’ vitality in a practical and rewarding way by providing ongoing coaching and education as well as regular, consistent monitoring of their progress and trajectory of their laboratory results.

An engaging speaker for both professional and public audiences, Dr. Powers has presented as an expert on diet and nutrition on both television and radio talk shows, taught courses on the topic of healthy living and thinking, and contributed to the breakthrough book Shape Shift: The Shape Intelligence Solution by Drs. Kelly and Percival. His most recent professional courses and lectures include Supporting Your Patients Before, During, and After a Cancer Diagnosis; Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment; Autoimmune Thyroiditis; A Practical Approach to Implementing Clinical Detoxification; Evaluation and Treatment Algorithms for Common Chronic Conditions; Biochemical and Physiological Benefits of control-released Alpha Lipoic Acid; and Physiology of Vitamins D3 and K2 in Health and Disease.

Dr. Powers also founded and/or served on several esteemed boards, research committees, and publications. He is a founding member of the Xymogen Medical Advisory Board and Thought Leaders Council; a scientific/medical advisor for Neurohacker Collective; a member of the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine; a past biological medicine research associate of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation; and a previously serving member on the Editorial Peer Review Board of the Alternative Medicine Review.

Over the past several years, Dr. Powers has transitioned from full-time to part-time practice, shifting his time and energy to the development of Intelligent Health® —an online, trustworthy, learning resource and shop where people may receive wholesome health guidance, vetted product and supplement recommendations, and safer, alternative strategies to regain and protect their wellbeing.

In support of his mission to serve the public at large with access to more affordable healthcare, Dr. Powers also created Intelligent SelfCare™ – self-implemented programs to support foundational, restorative, and condition-specific healthcare needs. Intelligent SelfCare™ guidebooks accompany these programs and provide insightful knowledge and practical advice on optimizing one’s wellbeing and reducing disease risks. A valuable and rare resource, these guidebooks authored by Dr. Powers are infused with wisdom gleaned from decades of research and success with his clients. They contain an array of key diet and lifestyle recommendations, supplement protocols, and healthcare instruction, similar to what one might receive within a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Powers.

A pianist and composer, Dr. Powers recorded and published “Mirror Images,” a collection of original, “new age,” solo piano compositions. He has been playing semi-professionally since 1987 and frequently performed for the infirmed, disabled, and mentally challenged, including at Emory Medical Center in Atlanta, and at many other assisted and full-care facilities in Connecticut, Georgia and Florida.

Other interests include personal growth, exploring, being in nature, birdwatching, music, dancing, comedy, archery, golfing, swimming, traveling, and spending time with family, friends, and his pets.

He currently resides in Jensen Beach, Florida, with his wife, Liz, and their fur family— their dog “Pepe” and cat “Razz.”