“When you align yourself with the power and intelligence that guides the stars, directs conception, and animates our living world…your healing possibilities are limitless.”

Dr. Powers' Story

Dr. Powers integrates his 40+ years of clinical expertise and ongoing investigation with his compassion for the human experience to provide safe, sustainable strategies for achieving renewed vitality, resilience, and purpose.

By deeply listening to thousands of his clients’ health stories, interpreting countless laboratory results, endlessly investigating the meaning of the body’s signs and symptoms, staying abreast of medical and nutritional research, and perpetually seeking underlying causes and corrections of ill health, Dr. Powers’ tireless inquiry enables confident advisement of that which more consistently creates health versus that which sabotages it.

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“Dr. Powers offers a unique perspective on health and wellness that is founded on the most well-respected science available.”

Dr. Perlmutter, MD
Board – certified Neurologist
Fellow American College of Nutrition

The Birth of Intelligent Health®

Like so many of us, our most impactful contributions to the world are usually founded in the very personal, very emotional experiences that happen to us throughout our lives. That is the origin story of Intelligent Health® and why I am so impassioned to share this story with you today. 

Throughout my life, I have experienced some very personal losses. At just three years old, I lost my 25-year-old mother to complications from open-heart surgery to repair a leaky mitral valve, which was very much experimental at the time (1960). Perhaps the saddest part of her passing at such a young age and with two young children is that her death might have been prevented had she been adequately informed of the potential and extreme risks of the surgery versus the relatively modest impact on the quality of her life had she chosen not to proceed. Fast-forward 40 years, my wife and I experienced the most heartbreaking loss of our child at birth due to, at least in part, medical mistakes and mismanagement. Since that time, I also witnessed many dear relatives and family members leaving this world way too early (or impaired) from unnecessary surgeries and over-medication.

What is most tragic about these premature deaths and poor outcomes is that they possibly may have been avoided, as they occurred largely due to inadequate care and medical errors primarily as a result of antiquated thinking and a flawed healthcare system. In addition, our current healthcare model often underestimates—or is unaware of—the efficacy of complementary treatment approaches, which capitalize on the power of the body’s innate intelligence and its ability to direct healing and restore vitality. 

All these losses have fueled and inspired my dedication to help others avoid similar fates, which ultimately led me to the field of integrative medicine i —a synthesis of complementary, functional, and conventional medicine i —and to conduct endless research on that which is likely to help people thrive.

To understand what safely and more predictably creates health, as well as what sabotages it, I have spent more than 40 years intently listening to and caring for thousands of clients, distilling the most meaningful insights from their health stories and test results.

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I’ve reviewed volumes of scientific research, amassed well over 2,000 hours of post-graduate study in integrative medicine and whole-person health i, and collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the healthcare and scientific fields. I say all of this not to “toot my own horn,” but to express that I am more than just interested in this kind of healthcare—I am committed beyond measure.

Intelligent Health™ was born out of this passionate investigation and provides you, as well as your family, friends, and the world at large with a much-needed, go-to, trustworthy online wellness resource and shop. Intelligent Health™ acts as your home base for simple yet empowering insights, wholesome scientifically sound advice, and practical and safe solutions for regaining, preserving, and protecting your well-being as you navigate your health journey.

And because most people need affordable programs that support them in their quest for whole-person health, Intelligent SelfCare™ was created as a suite of self-implemented, doctor-designed supplement health programs that support foundational i, restorative i, and condition-specific i healthcare needs.

In this same spirit, I wrote the Intelligent SelfCare guidebooks to give self-care education and resources to safely and effectively support everyone in optimizing their health and well-being and in reducing their disease risks. These risks include heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, which are still some of the most common causes of death in adults in the US, (excluding accidents and chronic lung disease mostly resulting from smoking). Daily self-care choices have the potential to bolster your vitality and change the trajectory of your well-being. These choices include everything from your mindset, diet, movement, sleep, supplementation, and more!

My decades of study and observation revealed that the path forward to getting and staying well all begins with cultivating more joy, inner peace, and balance in your day-to-day living, and establishing diet and lifestyle habits that are more consistent with the body’s natural, intelligent design.

Investigating safer, alternative strategies to surgery, procedures, and medication usage—all of which potentially carry lifelong risks—also helps to protect one’s quality of life and health span (i.e., the number of years you get to enjoy good health).

To this end, it is my personal mission to empower all to be their own health advocate to significantly lower disease risk and bolster vitality and resilience. More than anything, I want every person to have the opportunity to make more informed decisions so they and their loved ones may experience their full health potential and live their best lives.

In the spirit of feeling and functioning your very best,






Dr. Richard Powers



Intelligent Health™—Better Decisions. Better Outcomes. Better Life.

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Perhaps Intelligent SelfCare™ is all you need:

 For more minor symptoms and health challenges, consider trying one or more SelfCare programs and seeing how you feel after two to three months. If you are feeling better, perhaps continue on that path, and if you are not feeling significantly improved, then pursue seeking professional care from an integrative/functional medicine physician for additional guidance and support.

Those whose health has declined into a considerable state of degeneration requiring doctor-supervised care can also benefit from Intelligent SelfCare™ programs when utilized in tandem with and in support of their doctor’s recommendations.

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About Intelligent HealthQuarters™

At Intelligent HealthQuarters™, we are committed to helping you feel and function your best, optimize your health and wellbeing, and avoid a common family fate – be it heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more.

Intelligent HealthQuarters™ offers a safe, patient-centered, compassionate, and leading-edge resource for those seeking to preserve, protect, and restore their health and vitality. It centers around the new model of healthcare to prevent and treat chronic, degenerative diseases – Functional Medicine – which digs deep to identify the underlying causes from which disease and disability arise.

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Periodic nutrition, disease-risk, and longevity assessments help pinpoint one’s unique and individual needs, health trends, and disease trajectories. This is accomplished through a highly researched composite of conventional and emerging diagnostic testing technologies (often not included in “common” screenings and standard physical examinations).

Once one’s imbalances, deficiencies, and “vulnerabilities” are revealed, a strategy to get and stay well becomes apparent, which inevitably includes diet and lifestyle guidance, nutrients to fill any deficiencies, natural medicine to facilitate healing, as well as treatment options and follow-up care, as indicated.

Virtually everyone that comes to me for healthcare guidance are either tired, in pain, or too depressed to live their lives, and are often surviving on multiple medications that at best “manage” their existence, but does little to facilitate their healing – let alone adding to their disability with their inevitable side effects.

To solve their previously “unsolvable” health challenges, I utilize advances made in a relatively new branch of healthcare called Functional Medicine, to help me dig deep to the core of my client’s health challenges.

Functional Medicine evolved out of the need to uncover the underlying causes of the chronic health challenges of today, including conditions that my clients frequently seek assistance with me for or to prevent, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, GI problems, thyroid issues, and autoimmune diseases.

We’re talking truly disabling conditions here, ones that absolutely alter what people get to do, how they show up, and how they even feel about themselves and their future.

Although the well-known Cleveland Clinic has recently opened The Center for Functional Medicine, this approach is still widely unknown to both physicians and the general public.

The good news is that I have incorporated Functional Medicine into my practice, asking “how” and “why” my client’s condition developed in the first place, tracing back to the initial “dominoes” that started the whole degenerative process in motion.

That’s why I listen carefully to my client’s story, and with the aid of and a holistic-type exam, and safe, innovative testing, I begin collecting the “clues” that will ultimately reveal the underlying culprits that have been sabotaging the natural expression of my their health.

Painless, harmless tests like Heart Rate Variability, and Bio-Impedence Analysis offer invaluable insights into what is causing one’s health problems; and advanced, cost-effective blood and urine testing clarify the imbalances and deficiencies further tripping up the body’s attempts to heal and repair itself.

Nutritional analysis, toxicity testing; hormone analysis; food sensitivity and leaky gut testing; all provide additional glimpses into what isn’t working and why.

Then it is clue-gathering time – where I review all that my client has shared in consultation and through their questionnaires; my findings from their exam; and all the data gleaned from their test results.

As I pour through all of the pieces of my client’s health-puzzle, that which has been undermining their health begins to become clearer, and as it does, the solutions needed to turn their health around become almost obvious.

These solutions invariably include some combination of 3 approaches:

  1. Treatment – like chiropractic, low-level cold laser, acupuncture or on the other end of the spectrum, surgical procedures … all things done “to” and “for” you.
  2. Pills and potions – which includes nutrients to replenish deficiencies, and natural medicine to accelerate healing; pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications would be in this category, though it best to only turn to these as a last resort
  3. Modifying diet, exercise, and sleep habits in ways that promote health and healing.

Here’s the beautiful thing … once we discover what your body has been lacking AND provide it; and at the same time REDUCE that which has been burdening your body, healing naturally results – it’s like gravity – it’s a law – it happens.

Now how quickly you heal and to what extent depend on how far down the degenerative ladder your health has fallen. But, regardless, there is always the next best step to take to give your body more of what it needs to heal.

If you aren’t on any medications, rarely resort to even over the coukoikkj medications, have all your body parts, and generally feel well and vital, then the resources on this website may be all you need to preserve your health.

If that isn’t the case and you desire to feel and function better or prevent disease, then I invite you to make an appointment with me, and I will develop a strategy to help you get and stay well.

Either way, there is likely much more you can do to experience a better and more vital life.

I’m Dr. Richard Powers and I’ll make sure your next best step is a good and safe one.

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A Partner in Your Own Health

At Intelligent HealthQuarters™ you are viewed as a partner in your own health and supported in your commitment to “self-advocacy.”

Dr. Powers makes his best recommendations for you based on your testing, medical history, and diet and lifestyle, and with your input and feedback, a practical strategy is created that you feel is both do-able and affordable.



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