If you’re looking for a great doctor who can cure your incurable, undiagnosable diseases and set you on the right path, Dr. Powers is the man.

Amy Flannery – Cinematographer

I sincerely appreciate the excellent service and attentiveness I have received from you and your staff. I am very pleased with my progress under your guidance and care.

Barbara Bronis – Circuit Court Judge

I want to thank you for being such a wonderful and kind soul. I’m not sure where my mother and I would be if we hadn’t found you. You are without a doubt, One Of A Kind, in my world of doctors.

Rhonda Pierson
Amy Flannery

I am starting off 2013 with a renewed gratitude for my health, loved ones and Life in general. Thanks for being a part of it all and for making it possible for me to say, “Over 8 years after stepping into Dr. Ric’s office, I just keep getting healthier and happier!” You are loved and appreciated beyond words!

Just want to thank you for being there for me in so many ways and for helping to make my health the best it’s ever been. And it just keeps getting better! So many pieces of the puzzle of my life are falling into place, and I am so happy! I couldn’t have done it without you. I just want to thank you for being there for me in so many ways, and for helping to make my health the best it’s ever been … and it just keeps getting better!

Kristi Davis – Drama Therapist & former Rockette
Kristi Davis

At 53, I realized my body was going through many changes and my energy was not what it used to be. With some simple supplements and easy diet changes that Dr. Powers recommended, everything changed in three weeks. I have more energy and I am sleeping again.

Catherine C. – Hospital Administrator, Animal Communicator, Author
Catherine C.

For at least eight years I have experienced severe depression accompanied by lethargy and weight gain. This was definitely not the real me. I knew something in my body was out of balance, but what?

During this time I sought professional help from two M.D.s complaining about my intuitively diagnosed hypothyroidism. Both insisted that my thyroid was well within normal limits. Then I contacted Dr. Richard Powers. My first visit consisted of a comprehensive array of tests the likes of which I had never seen before. During the second visit he patiently and thoroughly explained the results of the tests and recommended nutraceuticals, diet, and exercise. His tests also indicated hypothyroidism.

I have carefully followed his regimen for three months now and have become a new person; or is it my “old self.” My depression has totally vanished; I have lost weight; my ambition has returned and I’m a happy camper once again. I visit Dr. Powers periodically as he “fine-tunes” my system and adjusts the balance of nutrients as determined by continued testing. At the age of 66 I feel young again, and this is truly an amazing outcome considering where I was only three months ago. My confidence in Dr. Power’s ability to diagnose and treat difficult medical problems could not be higher.

S.S.F. – C.P.A.
S.S.F. – C.P.A.

With Dr. Powers’ expertise in health and fitness, I have cut my diabetic and hypertension medicine in half. He has helped me to understand that exercise is my best friend, not a chore that must be done. My energy level and complexion have noticeably improved from the supplements he has recommended. Once I started living and feeling the differences, there was no turning back! I could only move forward toward healing.

Marsha D. – Teacher
Marsha D. – Teacher

Dr. Powers worked such miracles in my life that I now call him “Dr. Healing Powers.” Before visiting him, I experienced chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, extreme stress, depression, irritability, and muscle pain, among other symptoms. By adopting Dr. Powers’ mind-body-spirit approach to healing, I have improved all of my symptoms, have incredible energy, very few headaches, no depression, and a wonderful outlook on my life and all its challenges.

Counselor, Mom, Author
Counselor, Mom, Author

My 5 year old son had allergies and chest colds, with flare ups every month. He had no energy, woke up tired, was moody, and had difficulty concentrating in school. His chest colds led to bronchitis and pneumonia, and to strong medications that never cleared them up, and made him hyperactive. Prior to seeing Dr. Powers I tried to help him myself, but it wasn’t enough.

On my first visit with Dr. Powers he listened and really cared, and took time to explain things to me thoroughly and clearly. I never had that experience with a doctor before. (Most other doctors seem to treat my son like he was just a ‘number’ there.)

I followed his recommendations to help him sleep better, make healthier food choices, nourish him more, and use certain natural remedies to try and get his immune system alive and well again. Now he can think more clearly, sleep more soundly, has more energy and less mood swings, has a much better memory, and he can eat and not worry about it making him sick! I am so grateful for his renewed sense of being, and he’s happy to not be sick so much.

Lisa A. – Mom, Home Schooler
Lisa A. – Mom, Home Schooler

When I first met Dr. Powers I had aches and pains, fatigue, felt listless and depressed, had a poor memory, and had bloating and terrible gas. Prior to seeing Dr. Powers I tried taking medication, but it made me feel worse and I was afraid of the side effects.

When I met with Dr. Powers he listened carefully, and took the time to explain things to me thoroughly and clearly. I followed his recommendations to help me sleep better, lower my stress levels, make healthier food choices, move my body more frequently (yet gently), take a personalized nutrient prescription, reset my natural body bio-rhythms, balance my hormones and support detoxification in my body.

And now, I can think more clearly, sleep more soundly, have more energy, feel more balanced and stable emotionally, and feel less mood swings. I do more things I want to do and am hopeful for my future well-being. I also have a much better memory now, and can eat without feeling bloated.

I am so grateful for my renewed sense of well-being, and am feeling better than I have in years. I feel like myself again. Because of depression, I have been on medication for years. As a result, I have had very low libido and have felt very “numb.” Since I have started taking the supplements, I actually have had real sexual feeling again toward my husband, which is one of the main reasons I came in the first place.


Since I have been on the Shape Shift Program for two months now, I am seeing a physical change and feeling a mental change as well. I don’t have food cravings; my blood sugar is stable throughout the day; I don’t have the ups and downs; and I feel like I am on an even keel. Feeling more relaxed enables me to focus longer while working on any project. I just plain feel better, and am able to accomplish more throughout the day and enjoy life more. Some everyday type projects that were a real chore, I now just do and then go on to something fun.

Marilyn H.
Marilyn H.

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Miriam G.lost 5kg in 3 months