Better Decisions. Better Outcomes. Better Life.

  • Many people frequently rely on medication and surgery (the “top” of the pyramid) as their initial, go-to-strategy to manage their symptoms and health challenges. Unfortunately, this path often results in escalating disease, disability, and a premature demise.
  • Alternatively, capitalizing on diet, lifestyle, and supplementation (the “base” of the pyramid) to preserve and protect your well-being decreases your need for medication and surgery, and brings greater self-advocacy and often a longer healthspan. Ultimately, this path offers a better chance to experience your full health potential so you may live your best life.

Reactive, Conventional Paradigm: Relying on medication and surgery to manage your symptoms

For most people their norm is to follow whatever diet and lifestyle they learned and believe to be best, and live it as best they can. Then when they don’t feel well, they go to their doctor who often prescribes a drug to help relieve their symptom, lower their blood pressure, or whatever be their issue.

The downside with this paradigm is that all drugs have side-effects (which may not be discernible or manifest for months or years), and that rarely has any action been taken to discover and correct the underlying cause(s) of their complaint or condition.

With the underlying cause left uncorrected and the side-effects of the medication compounding over time, one’s health tends to worsen, often degenerating to the point of requiring more medications (a prescription “cascade”) to help manage their symptoms and escalating health challenges. Surgical intervention are often eventually required to remove a diseased body part.

Outcome : This health paradigm oftentimes results in chronic pain, depression, disability and an overall deteriorating quality of life and, too frequently, a premature demise.

Proactive, Integrative Paradigm: Implementing evidence-based diet and lifestyle guidance, taking researched supplement formulas, and utilizing biohacks, bodywork and integrative healthcare, as necessary.

Learn wholesome, healthy diet and lifestyle habits and find ways to make it easier to think “better,” eat well, move often, sleep soundly, and minimize one’s toxic burden. Back up your progressively healthier living with an evidence-based, safe, and effective daily supplement formula to help optimize nutrient sufficiency and support gut health and detoxification.

To further manage your well-being and navigate life’s inevitable “bumps n’ bruises,” consider some bodywork (chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.), biohack technologies (infrared sauna, BrainTap, PEMF, etc.), and counseling (psychotherapy)

Periodically seek the guidance of an integrative practitioner experienced in functional medicine to assess your nutritional status and disease risks and trends. As necessary, turn to these doctors for assistance with uncovering underlying causes of a health challenge you may be experiencing, and for a wholesome healing strategy that addresses these causes. Also, since integrative physicians are knowledgeable of both conventional and complementary medicine, they are a good source to turn to for a second opinion when considering surgery.

Then, barring an urgent or life-threatening situation, only resort to interventions that carry significant risks like medication and surgery after these less invasive approaches have proved insufficient or ineffective.

Outcome : This health paradigm offers greater self-advocacy, a longer healthspan, and a better chance to experience your full health potential so you may live your best life.